Who's Coming

The following classmates have registered for the reunion. The list is in order by the date/time a check is received by us. ("*" beside name means check has been received.)


  1. *D. D. Robbins and Bunny
  2. *Frances Hembree Putman and Raymond
  3. *Gayle Gordon Petrey
  4. *Paul Faris and Vicky
  5. *Joe Dismukes and Sandy
  6. *Jake Black
  7. *Mack Spurrier and
  8. *Marilyn Huffstetler Gordon
  9. *Anne Rednour McCracken
  10. *Carol Grebner Parham and Kenneth
  11. *Jenny Lynn Schneider Bern and David
  12. *Cary Grant and Helen
  13. *Larry Williams and Billie
  14. *Betti Smith Krapfl
  15. *John Beaty and Sara
  16. *Doris Goodnight Vlaservich
  17. *Barbara Stephenson Edwards
  18. *Joan Gibson Drayton-Coffey and Mike
  19. *Sandra McManus Jordan
  20. *Richard Jordan
  21. *Nick Mentavlos and Marian
  22. *Rosalind Ratchford Thomason
  23. *Henry Thomason
  24. *Linda Thompson Dodgen
  25. *Tom Dodgen
  26. *Sharon Cannon Newton
  27. *Paul Warnock
  28. *Chip Brunnemer
  29. *Becky Blalock Causby and Jerry
  30. *Linda Hodge Hamrick and Tom
  31. *Steve Faulkner
  32. *Judy Kenley McCarthy and Tom
  33. *Mike Griffie and Jean
  34. *John Parker and Judith
  35. *Carol McGill Willis
  36. *Rick Richard and Jean
  37. *Judy Ferguson Herndon
  38. *Faye Miller Cloninger
  39. *Mickey Blackwell and Kathy
  40. *George Simon
  41. *Jim Mauney and Jan
  42. *Jane Francum Johnson and Joe
  43. *Judy Martin Murphy
  44. *Henry Raxter and Linda
  45. *John Wilson and Patsy
  46. *Jane Howe Rednour
  47. *Sara Loftin Turner and Ron Bunner
  48. *Ruth Deaton Posey and Darrell
  49. *Gayle Dilling Elmore
  50. *Jack Elmore
  51. *R B Jenkins and Carol
  52. *Ron Cloer and Joann
  53. *Buddy Collins and Pat
  54. *Beverly Riley Marlow and Neil
  55. *Phyllis McGee Woodring and Alice McGee Clement
  56. *Gary Parks and Page
  57. *Jerry Seagle
  58. *Nancy Ramsey Pierce
  59. *Linda Brown Addison and James
  60. *Connie Huffstetler Greenlee
  61. *Faye Gulledge Whiten and Gary
  62. *Judy Mauney Capps and Larry
  63. *David Mauney and Sandra
  64. *Bob Tatlock and Sharon
  65. *Herman Dalton and Judy
  66. *Larry Murray
  67. *Glenda Huffstetler Hardee and Eddie
  68. *Darla Laughridge Auten and Ben Eaker
  69. *Arnold Hensley and Judy
  70. *Terry Heafner and Darlene
  71. *Walter Long
  72. *Luvina Stroupe Glover and Bill
  73. *Dickie Craig and Jackie
  74. *Doug Smith and Cindy
  75. *Sue Reel Moton
  76. *Mary Loughridge Sessoms and Frank
  77. *Charles Lineberger and Lelia
  78. *John Markham
  79. *David Stewart and Paula
  80. *Jane Benefield (King) and son Bryan King
  81. *George Rawlings
  82. *Claudia Hill Conrad and Roland
  83. *Claude Rogers and Hoppy
  84. *Dick Jarman and Louise
  85. *Carol Cumbie
  86. *Gail Revels Taylor
  87. Dan Rockett

Replied but are not planning to attend (" beside name means returned Questionnaire).

  1. *Kay Herrin Lyman
  2. Jerry Keenum
  3. Brenda Blackwood Ivey
  4. Ann Miller Costner
  5. *Olivia Gwaltney Riddle
  6. Beverly Elmore Parker and
  7. Dennis Parker
  8. Mary Lou Drake Bell

Donations are not being sought; however, we are grateful for those made by the following classmates:

  1. Frances Hembree Putman - to help with the reunion
  2. George Rawlings - in honor of Alan Witten
  3. Anonymous
  4. Phyllis McGee Woodring
  5. Ken Todd
  6. Jim Bumgardner and Gay

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