Who's Coming

The following classmates have registered for the reunion. The list is in order alphabetically. ("*" beside name means check has been received.)

60 Classmates as of August 4th (52 have paid)

[36 of those coming have answered YES to being vaccinated]

 *Carol Atchley (Robinson)
 *Jake Black
 *Mickey Blackwell
 *Brenda Blackwood (Ivey)
 *Becky Blalock (Causby)
 *Chip Brunnemer
 *Jim Bumgardner 
 *Sharon Cannon (Newton)
  Tom Church
 *Adrienne Cleere (Moor)
 *Ron Cloer
 *Dickie Craig 
 *Carol Cumbie
 *Ruth Deaton (Posey) 
 *Ron Dill
 *Gayle Dilling (Elmore)
 *Tom Dodgen 
 *Paulette Edwards (Hale)
 *Beverly Elmore (Parker)
 *Jack Elmore
 *Paul Faris
 *Juanita Clanton Fraley 
 *Joan Gibson (Drayton
 *Doris Goodnight (Vlaservich)
 *Cary Grant
 *Carol Grebner (Parham)
 *Mike Griffie
 *Faye Gulledge (Whiten) 
 Rose Hastings (Brooks)
 *Frances Hembree (Putman) 
 Claudia Hill (Conrad)
 Linda Hodge (Hamrick)
 *Connie Huffstetler (Greenlee) 
 *Glenda Huffstetler (Hardee) 
 *Marilyn Huffstetler (Gordon)
 *Dick Jarman  
 *Richard Jordan 
 *Judy Kenley (McCarthy)
 *Grant Kester
 Sarah Lockwood (Waldrop)
 *Sara Loftin (Turner)
 *Jim Mauney 
 *Dennis Parker
 John Parker
 *Rosalind Ratchford (Thomason) 
 *George Rawlings
 *Beverly Riley (Marlow)
 *Dave (D D) Robbins
 *Claude Rogers
 *George Simon
 *Betti Smith (Krapfl)
 *Mack Spurrier
 Barbara Stephenson (Edwards)
 *Bob Tatlock
 *John Charles Thomas 
 *Henry Thomason
 *Linda Thompson (Dodgen) 
 Phyllis Thompson
 *Kenny Todd
 *John Wilson

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