Old Photos 2

 Programs & Albums from Our School Years

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Frank L. Ashley High School Graduation Exercises, Monday, June 6, 1960 (Thanks to Doris Goodnight Vlaservich)


Frank L. Ashley High School Vesper Services, June 5, 1960  (Thanks to Doris Goodnight Vlaservich)


Boy's Club / Girl's Club Album 1957-1960 (Thanks to Judy Kenley McCarthy)





Wray Junior High Album, 1954-55 (Thanks to Nick Mentavlos)


Newspapers & Graduation Programs from Junior Highs

March '56 issue of the "Arlington Argosy"
  (thanks to Scotty Wise Price)

Victory Junior High Class Day, Senior Sermon, Commencement Programs (Thanks to Mack Spurrier)

 May '56 issue of the Wray "Mile O' Yarn"
(thanks to Class of '59)


Photos from other schools

 Central Elementary School Class Photos (Thanks to Alix Causby Thompson, Mary Loughridge Sessoms & Bill Ledwell)



 [We need to identify as many of the classmates in the photographs as we can, so if you can identify yourself or any others, please let us know]

Wray Junior High Album, 1956-57 (Thanks to Nick Mentavlos)



Wray Junior High Album, 1955-56 (Thanks to Nick Mentavlos)

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